Musiqmama coaching is about:

  • defining your goals

  • a step-by-step plan to reach your goals

  • representing yourself / your musical identity in texts

  • representing yourself / your musical identity in images

  • defining and reaching your target audiences

  • things you can do yourself / things you can delegate or automate

  • any other topic(s) that you need help with!


hands-holding-jigsaw- by Petr Kratochvil via CC licensenYou can book a PERSONAL COACHING SESSION. Coaching can be in a face-to-face meeting or via Skype and/or FaceTime.

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Below you can read in more detail about Musiqmama coaching

“I find it so difficult to sell myself…” I hear many musicians say. Well, of course it’s difficult, when all you’ve ever learnt is how to make music!


You can start by asking yourself a number of questions: What exactly is so cool about my music? In what way do I have something different to offer to audiences? Who are my target audiences? How can I reach these people and keep them interested?

It’s crucial to be able to tell your story to the public, programmers, press / media, sponsors, potential bookers, etc! It all starts with sorting these things out, and then translating this into consistent and convincing texts & images that represent who you are and what your music is about. Your image has to be recognizable… Because you will only get recognition if you are recognizable!

Musiqmama can help you clearly define your musical identity and your target audiences, and how to reach out to them.Besides being aware of how to project the right image of your music, it’s important to set clear goals, and work out a step-by-step schedule for attaining them. Having a proper work structure is also very important, especially if you are a ‘self-managing’ artist. There are many things you can do yourself, yet sometimes it’s better to delegate to a professional. Realizing what things to do yourself and what things to delegate (or automate!) can definitely help to get you ahead, and to keep going in the long run.

Topics like this are typical for Musiqmama coaching sessions. Naturally, the personal coaching is tailored to your needs. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. I (Sabina Vissers, founder and owner of Musiqmama) studied Business Communications and specialized in Organizational Identity & Branding. Since 2009 I have worked with many extraordinary independent jazz musicians and some of the most amazing record labels, like Okeh Records (part of Sony Classical), with album releases from The Bad Plus, Bill Frisell, Bobby McFerrin, Branford Marsalis, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nir Felder, Nils Petter Molvaer, Silje Nergaard and many more fantastic artists!

Besides doing publicity / PR and promotion for these artists and labels, I work for one of the finest music venues of The Netherlands: PARADOX in Tilburg. One day a week I help with their PR, marketing and social media. Furthermore, I teach at music conservatories about branding, marketing and selling music.

I put the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired in doing all these things to use with individual musicians in personal coaching sessions. I can help you clarify your goals, your (musical) identity and story and determine how to reach out to your audiences. Together we’ll set up a plan that will bring concrete results.

Again: you can book a PERSONAL COACHING SESSION whenever you want.

Or: get a PERSONAL COACHING SUBSCRIPTION. When you subscribe to coaching, you get two one hour (Skype / FaceTime) sessions each month. This will allow you to get professional guidance on a regular basis, and to accomplish more. Either way: for more info please

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