Get media exposure:

  • Reviews + Interviews in magazines, newspapers, blogs

  • Airplay, broadcasting and live performances on radio / TV

The goal of (free) publicity is to enhance your (music’s) image trough exposure in editorial or independent media… Results are reviews and interviews in magazines, newspapers and blogs. Or with airplay, broadcasting or live performances on radio or TV. To accomplish this Musiqmama can reach out to her extensive media network and inform them about you and your musical productions.

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Focus on Jazz and World Music

Musiqmama has a great network among independent journalists and music-minded media that are open to jazz and world music in The Netherlands and Belgium. Musiqmama has done publicity for independent jazz musicians from Holland, German, Switserland and Australia, as well as for (inter-)national records labels (among others the international  Okeh Records jazzlabel from Sony Music)

Most of the times publicity is done to promote new albums, but concert and tour promotion is also possible, on local, regional and national. Because Musiqmama has excellent partnerships with publicists in many countries, international promotion of releases and tours is also possible. Please find some examples of publicity done for various (inter-)national artists HERE.


Careful planning is very important to get the best results. The whole process of an album release may take longer than expected, because often one depends on (the schedule of) third parties for artwork, website, EPK, press photo’s, distribution, etc, to be in place. All these things need to be prepared before contacting the media. And depending on the media, their production times or workflows may vary… In short: it would be wise to contact Musiqmama for an upcoming release at least six months before the actual release date. For more information please:

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