Simin Tander – vocaliste and composer: “Sabina has a natural devotion, enthusiasm and integrity for her work. She is a person who is able to combine a serious interest and affection towards music and the artists with a profound commercial knowledge- heart and head- at the same time and in balance. I have experienced her as someone with clear, strong visions but also with a human flexibility and talent to adjust to situations and people without losing the focus. She is definitely a ‘hard worker’ who can stay up until 3 a.m. finishing an important task. Her ideas and strategies about how to promote an artist are very creative, thought-through and of very good results.”

Jula Aimée – vocaliste and composer: Extra super big thanks to Sabina Vissers for being my amazing Musiqmama.

Mira Falk – vocaliste and composer: I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you again for being so supportive and hard working during the last week- and also already before! I think you are doing a very good job!”

Artists that Musiqmama has worked for are among others Franz von Chossy, Jasper Blom, Jula Aimée, Jyoti Verhoeff, Mira Falk, OKeh Records ( Sony Music), Simin Tander, Sony Music/OKeh Records; releases for Bill Frisell, Bobby McFerrin, Dave Holland, Kat Edmonson, John Medeski, Jeff Ballard, Nir Felder, Michel Camilo and many more