25 Aug

VEIN – The Chamber Music Effect

Release: 16 September  2016 
Label: UNIT/Harmonia Mundi

Line up
Michael Arbenz - piano
Thomas Lähns - bass
Florian Arbenz - drums

Following an intense collaboration with some of the greats of American jazz (documented on the last VEIN albums “VEIN feat. Dave Liebman – Jazz Talks” and VEIN feat. Greg Osby “The Studio Concert”), VEIN − with their latest production “The Chamber Music Effect” − are once again focussing on their innovative play as a trio and their other major influence, classical music.  All three VEIN musicians studied classical music and gained a lot of experience with various types of classic – from solos to symphonies. With their new program that consists entirely of self-penned compositions, VEIN are taking a closer look at where they came from.

In doing so, the trio are dealing less with a superficial classical language or style and more with the structures that are used in classical music. Take Michael Arbenz’s “Prelude”, for example. It starts off as a unisonous melody that develops into a polyphonic construction. Thomas Lähns’ “Pastorale” uses a choral movement and Florian Arbenz’s “Boarding the Beat” plays with the rhythmic variations of a bass line.

VEIN are mainly referring to a specific type of classical music, namely chamber music. A style where musicians generally play without a conductor, freely interpret a piece and where communication amongst band members is of key importance. This play, in combination with various chamber music structures, complements and extends the very heart and soul of VEIN’s playing philosophy: interplay and the greatest possible equality for all members.

Almost ten years after their formation and after playing several hundred concerts on four continents (in over 30 countries), VEIN are going back to their classical chamber music roots with “The Chamber Music Effect”. This influence makes the trio’s interplay even more varied, compact and innovative and sharpens their musical profile. “The Chamber Music Effect” consists of eight compositions that interweave the language of jazz and classic; each piece inspired by chamber music in a totally different way, yet still interconnected to form a whole. A typical VEIN CD.